Tokyo – Day 2

After a slightly later start we experienced rush hour in the metro which was definitely an experience! Commuters are literally pushed to fit into the trains.



We headed for Meiji Shrine and there we began our first port of call – seeking out a stamp book (Goshuin Chou).


Goshuin Chou are stamp books that you can bring to the thousands of shrines and temples around Japan to get stamped or inscribed. It is such a lovely and inexpensive souvenir to have and a great way of recording your travels. We enquired where to buy the books and were directed to where the good luck charms (Omamori) are purchased. You are able to buy them from most temples.


Meiji shrine was beautiful, and has a beautiful walk leading you to it. We particularly liked the barrels of sake as pictured below.



Next stop, Ueno Park where there was an array of temples and shrines – and so the stamp collecting really began!! The Park is very picturesque and leads to the Tokyo National Museum which was definitely worth a visit. Within the museum grounds, there are beautiful gardens and traditional Japanese houses to explore.






Outside the museum was a huge event that seemed to be based on Ninjas but there was also many different food stalls so we settled ourselves down for some lunch. Whilst eating lunch, I glanced down at my bag and there sat on top of it was a huge mantis! We ended up with a little crowd of people coming to see the mantis and eventually a Japanese man with the help of his selfie stick removed the mantis from inside my bag!



Back into the madness of the metro minus the mantis and onto Roppongi which is home to the Mori Art Museum.



This wonderful museum displays lots of unusual art and installations. It is also on the 52nd Floor so the views were spectacular. They had the original artwork of the legend  tale of Princess Kaguya which had been made into a Studio Ghibli film which we had recently seen.





After another jam packed day, we had a room picnic of Japanese treats that night and settled in.


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