Tokyo – Day 4

The famous Shibuya crossing! Though we didn’t go at rush hour (forever the early starters!) so it wasn’t quite as busy as those famous images often capture but for two people who aren’t too keen on crowds it wasn’t a bad thing. We went and did some shopping and found a store called the ‘Loft’ which was an absolute haven of shopping! Our purses got a bit of a beating in there…!IMG_0735.jpg



Next stop – Harajuku! We went for waffles and went in search of all things bright, pink, and crazy. We went into a store called Kiddyland where I found more Ghibli items –including a fabulous Japanese Harry Potter cushion which has pride of place in our lounge now!






We headed towards Ikebuko and saw the Pokemon centre which brought back all the childhood nostalgia!


At night we headed back to Roppongi to eat at the famous Gonpachi restaurant. It was here that apparently Quentin Tarantino was inspired for the famous bloody massacre scene in Kill Bill. It was a wonderful experience with a live taiko drum performed by an all women group. It was brilliant (though our eyes were too big for our bellies and we ordered far too much food!).




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