Tokyo – Day 7

Another day. Another shrine. This time Toyokawa Inari Temple in Akasaka which is a shrine with hundreds of foxes and carved stone and was interesting to see.



We visited Shiba Park next where there is a great view of Tokyo Tower.


It is also home to Zojoji Temple. To the right of the temple are the Jizo statues which are child statues clothed and decorated. They represent the souls of unborn children, those who died before birth, as well as those yet to be born. There is a sense of sadness and calmness around these statues.



We then took the train to the neighbourhood of Shimokitazawa and this was an absolute hidden gem. Not particularly an area that comes up when researching areas of Tokyo but became one of our favourite areas, and one I would like to return to. It felt slightly more bohemian and there was an abundance of thrift shops, plant shops and eateries.



Back to Shinjuku and we headed out for food, this time to a Teppanyaki style restaurant where you cooked your own food. We didn’t realise this until the staff spotted me almost eating a raw potato and showed us that we needed to cook them on the hot plate in front of us! Oops indeed!


After food, we had a very exciting night planned – we were heading to the Park Hyatt. Lost in Translation fans will know! It was worth every yen for our expensive cocktail to watch the band and take it in, imagining Bob (Bill Murray!) Harris and Charlotte there. We had a wonderful night and the views of the city were wonderful. I would just note there is a cover charge of 2,500 JPY after 8pm onwards (7pm on a Sunday).




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