Our last day in Kyoto

We started our last day by venturing out on a hike from Kurama to Kibune which was through the mountains. We caught the monorail to Kurama where you could take an onsen, but we carried on with our hike. The view was amazing the higher we got, following the vermillion lanterns, and avoiding tripping over the impressive cedar roots.









Eventually we reached Kibune where there is a beautiful river running through. In the spring and summer months the cafes set up outside on the river but unfortunately, we were out of season for this.




We caught the monorail from Kibune (which is incredibly picturesque) and headed back to Kyoto.

IMG_2487 2.jpg


We went for food at a cafe that is within a wonderful shop called Mumokuteki. They sell clothes, interiors and food. I got myself a pair of Japanese culottes too.We noticed how stylish Japanese people are – which inspired me to reinvent my wardrobe!



We then went in search of a secret bar that I had read about within Kanga-an Temple. The bar is run by monks, and is not widely known about. We arrived at the temple and asked about the bar, and we were shown into a small bar area overlooking the beautiful garden. We were served our drinks, we went for the plum wine and it was the most delicious wine I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. We were also treated with a few bar snacks and then left alone to drink together. It was the perfect way to spend our last night in Kyoto and one I won’t forget.








3 thoughts on “Our last day in Kyoto

  1. Well, I am well and truly amazed by your beautiful blog. If this doesn’t inspire would be travellers, I don’t know what would. That personal travel itinerary job is up for grabs for you! How did you remember all the names, in Japanese, and communicate to get around. I’m so, so impressed Cathy! Love you and love Japan! Xxx


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