Diaries from Croatia – Zadar

Lured in from watching seasons and seasons of Game of Thrones and googling where all those beautiful streets and gardens are, we had been hankering for a visit to Croatia for a while. We decided to book for May 2018 and before we knew it, we were arriving in our first destination in Zadar.


Zadar is a port city on the northern Dalmatian coast of Croatia and was the perfect place to begin our Croatian journey, with quiet streets of marble and the sunset that wowed Hitchcock. We caught a bus from Zadar Airport and headed for our apartment. We had booked to stay in the Old Town which is within the old city walls. The walls and city gates were once a fortress and are beautiful relics of the past.


Arriving late on Saturday night, we headed for bed and woke early Sunday morning on my 29th birthday for a day of exploring. We started our day visiting the Church of St. Donatus. This beautiful church is in an unusual circular shape with white stone walls and there was something very peaceful about this building.




From here we walked the streets of Zadar, which seemed very busy and a contrast to what we had heard, but it later transpired that there was a charity run called Wings for Life World Run taking place so Zadar was amok with runners and families. There was a fabulous atmosphere in the city, though we were amazed how anyone was running in the high temperatures!








Zadar is home to the Sea Organ, where music is played by way of the sea waves and tubes located underneath the steps. It is the most relaxing sound and feels as though the sea is calling to you. We sat here for a while watching the waves, and reading our books.


Cruise ships dock at Zadar, and as cruise ship novices, we were astounded at the size of them! We explored the nearby shops, and came across a shop that was within a very old building, and run by a lovely lady who showed us a gallery that was at the back of the shop, a truly charming little find!




Later, we had a gorgeous birthday meal at Proto, with hanging plants and beautiful interiors – it was right up our street! The food was delicious and we toasted to our first night in Zadar.


With full tums, we went and watched the sunset from the steps of the Sea Organ. Next to the Sea Organ is The Greeting to the Sun which consists of a large blue circle that starts lighting up when the sun sets. It starts blinking as you step on it, and attracted the crowd of sunset watchers after the sun went down. It really was the perfect end to a memorable birthday.







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