Diaries from Croatia – Plitvice Lakes

We had booked an early bus* to take us to Plitvice Lakes and it took just under two hours, arriving at 10.15am. It was a very scenic journey through the mountains, so I was told by Dave (this power napper fell asleep within 5 minutes…!).


Plitvice Lakes is an absolute must see when visiting Croatia.  It consists of sixteen lakes, connected by a series of waterfalls. It was one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of visiting, and the pictures just couldn’t do it justice. Turquoise lakes, wooden bridges, and huge waterfalls – it was absolutely spectacular. We got there around 10.15 and it wasn’t too busy then so I would advise getting there as early as possible as when we were due to leave there was large groups of school trips arriving!

IMG_3379 2






We headed towards the largest waterfall first, Veliki Slap, which is around 78 meters high. We then followed the wooden path along the bubbling streams. I would advise good shoewear as the platforms can be wet and slippery and some uneven. It can also feel quite cool under the waterfalls so take layers.




You can take a picnic to eat at Plitvice but we decided to just grab some food at the cafe mid way through the walk and was pleasantly greeted with the largest burger I have ever seen!





We left around 15.30 , but you could easily spend a whole day (or longer!) exploring this enchanting place.


*We arranged all of our bus transport in Croatia through the website below.


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