Diaries from Croatia – Krka National Park

We left sunny Split and caught the bus* to Skradin. As we got closer, we could see numerous rain clouds, which descended on us as soon as we left the bus. Never one to let rain dampen the spirit, Dave lead me to the closest supermarket and equipped with our newly purchased umbrellas – we headed to the ferry!


Tickets are purchased from the Krka National Park office in Skradin which was a welcome shelter from the weather as we waited for the ferry to arrive. We boarded the ferry as thunder clapped and echoed around us and headed for Krka National Park. As we walked towards the waterfalls, we luckily spotted a cabin selling anorak ponchos which I think everybody from the ferry invested in!



Krka was much quieter than I expected it would have been had it not been for the weather, but it was still absolutely beautiful despite the rain, which gave it a very tropical feel and a different experience to Plitvice. The pictures that mainly circulate of Krka are of the first waterfall that you see and bikini clad tourists, but there is so much more to Krka. Following the trail on the wooden bridge I got as many photos as I could without soaking my camera and hope I did it justice. With bubbling streams and the sounds of rainfall and birds, it was truly magical.








We got a drink at a nearby cafe before catching the ferry home. Unfortunately due to the rain the majority of the cabins were closed but we managed to get some food at a restaurant in Skradin near the bus stop before catching the bus back to Split (where the sun still shone!!).


*We arranged all of our bus transport in Croatia through the website below.


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