Diaries from Croatia – Dubrovnik Part 3

We set out early the next morning and caught the bus back to Old Town as we hoped to rent a kayak and see the City Walls from a different perspective. Located next to Pile Gate, there were a number of different companies that offered kayak rental, and oddly all charged varying prices – even though they are next to one another – so if you decide to do this it’s definitely worth shopping around! I had never kayaked before but Dave had, so off we paddled into the sea and I got the hang of it pretty quickly. It was brilliant and it felt very liberating. We headed towards Lokrum Island, avoiding boats as we went. It cost us 250 Kuna for one kayak for two people for 2 hours. We hadn’t prepared too well in the wardrobe department, since your bottom half gets quite damp through the natural action of rowing, therefore denim shorts were definitely not the correct outerwear for the task (swimwear is a must), but after a good hour in the sun afterwards we soon dried off.




IMG_4714The views were amazing and offered another perspective of the Old Town, Lokrum Island and the rolling mountains beyond. When our 2 hours were up we returned our Kayak and walked back to Lapad and settled down in our favourite spot on the rocks for a read and a swim in the sea.


The next day we went for a walk through Forest Park Velika and Mala Petka which we had been staring at from our balcony situated directly opposite. It was a cloudy day and slightly cooler, perfect conditions for a hike! Though there was nothing at the top except for a radio transmitter, it was still a very pleasant scenic walk under pine trees with beautiful views of the sea.




We came across a hatch in the ground that reminded me of ‘The Hatch’ in Lost (anyone!?), and then spotted a beautiful tortoise hidden among the greenery.



We headed back down towards the bay and continued our walk along the coast towards Babin Kuk before settling back at our apartment for a glass of wine on the terrace.


We woke somewhat disheartened for our last day in Croatia. We wanted to take in more of Old Town before we left, so returned to explore further. We went in search of the basketball court that we had seen from the city walls a few days before and which, upon locating it with some difficulty, was completely empty and had a brilliant view over the Old Town and the sea beyond. If only we had a basketball.





We climbed up and down the many steps visiting all the plants, nooks and crannies one last time!








We grabbed a bite to eat on a lovely terrace in a very beautiful and very laid-back restaurant hidden along the highest street within the walls, where a local cuisine of coal grilled meats can be enjoyed, before deciding to walk back to Lapad via Gradac Park, which was also used as a Game of Thrones location for the Purple Wedding.




Back in Lapad, we went for a drink in Cave More, attached to Hotel More along the edge of the sea. Nestled deep within a natural rock cavern, complete with stalagmites and stalactites, it was a truly unique place to have a drink and discuss all the highlights of our holiday.


We climbed the mountain of steps one last time to pack ready for our flight home the next morning. The next morning when saying goodbye to our lovely host, Paulina, she kindly said she hoped we would always stay together and hugging us both, placed a keyring of the Virgin Mary into my hand, explaining that she was catholic and wanted to give it to me as a parting gift. It was such a kind and lovely gesture before our trip home and a wonderful moment of kindness from such a brilliant host!


Croatia is one of the most beautiful scenic places and one I could explore further, I am sure we will go back!

2 thoughts on “Diaries from Croatia – Dubrovnik Part 3

  1. Loving all your posts & continue to look forward to reading more. Even the local one of our home town of Leek in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands makes me understand why we moved here 30 years ago. Keep it up.xx

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