Lavender picking in Hitchin

On a sunny day in July every year, we set our alarms bright and early and make the trip to Hitchin Lavender in Hertfordshire to go lavender picking in their fabulous fields of purple. I always look forward to our annual trip there and it feels like Summer has officially begun !



Hitchin Lavender has over 15 acres of lavender, as well as a wildflower meadow and growing sunflower patch. Entry costs £6 and you are given a large paper bag, a pair of scissors to borrow and then you’re free to walk through the fields picking as you go and filling your bag. We always end up coming back with so much lavender!


What I particularly love is the captivating humming of the bees – it’s so loud across the fields, and the dancing butterflies moving from flower to flower.


I recommend getting there early if you want to take photos of the field without the crowds. When we first visited Hitchin it was at a weekend and it got quite busy late morning, but on our last visit this year we went in the week and it was much quieter.


There is a huge Tipi tent set up if you want to sit in the shade and I believe it is also available to rent for events including weddings.



There is a beautiful café set within a renovated barn, with lots of lavender products to peruse and gorgeous cakes to treat yourself to.



With two bags full of lavender ready for drying, we headed to our next destination – until next year Hitchin!





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