Cambridge University Botanical Garden

Towards the start of summer we visisted Cambridge University Botanical Gardens. I love visiting botanical gardens and seeing how they differ from place to place.


Cambridge Botanical Gardens did not disappoint! As always when visiting gardens, we headed straight for the glasshouse. The beautiful wooden structure gave the glasshouse quite an old and rustic feel. We visited on one of the hottest days of the year and the temperature of the tropics inside the glasshouse actually matched that of the English weather!


We walked from room to room via the connecting tropical corridor, squeezing past the cascading palms, towering bird of paradise and gazing up at the canopy of ferns.






The rest of the gardens were impressive, the colours and displays are an assault on the senses. I took so many photographs of all of the different plants and flowers to try and recreate the different palettes, scents and presentations in our own garden.





After spending the majority of our day in the gardens, we headed into the centre of Cambridge to have a little explore. Cambridge is a truly beautiful city, albeit a little busy! We went for a walk along the river Cam to escape the hustle and bustle and watch passer-by’s punting along the water.




Cambridge is full of beautiful architecture, history, lovely cafes and shops. We didn’t have much time to spend in and around Cambridge but did pop into a few antique stores on our travels.


I felt we didnt hardly scratch the surface of what Cambridge has to offer and I would like to return one day to fully immerse myself in the city and get lost among the cobbles … and of course re-visit those beautiful gardens!

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