A Muggle’s Guide to London

Travelling today to somewhere a little different… Hogwarts!


I, like so many others, grew up with the Harry Potter books, immersing myself in the world of Harry, Ron and Hermione. It takes me back to childhood memories, an insanely early morning drive and arrival in Cornwall for a holiday in Looe, my mum and brother sleeping in the car whilst me and my dad got out our books – I was gripped with the world of Hogwarts and couldn’t possibly put it down. The excitement when the films first came out, going with my equally Potter mad best friend Sammy. Yes, this post is for all you Potterheads!

I had the pleasure of exploring the wonderful Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London to learn more about the making of the Harry Potter film series.

I don’t want to spoil the experience for any of you who are planning to visit, but I thought I would give you a glimpse with a few photos from my trip.















The West End is currently showing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre and it was brilliant. I went with my other half who isn’t a Potter geek like me, but he really enjoyed it!

Part I runs for 2 hours and 40 minutes, and part II for 2 hours 35 minutes. We viewed it back to back with a dinner break for around 2 and half hours.  Don’t be put off by the amount of time as there is two parts and it goes so quickly! By the end of the first showing, I had goose bumps and couldn’t wait to get back in our theatre seats for round two. The special effects were amazing, and the acting was superb with a brilliant plot. I highly recommend getting yourself tickets if you love the books and films as much as myself.


If arriving in Kings Cross Station, keep your eyes peeled for a trolley with luggage disappearing into the wall… there tends to be a large crowd of tourists queueing to take a snap! There is also a Harry Potter shop next door to peruse.

The House of Minalima is a free exhibition where you can see the designers Mina and Eduardo Lima’s work from the films. With four levels of works from the films, and original movie props from the movie, it is a place to definitely have on your radar. There is also a shop selling items such as limited-edition movie prints and books. Open every day from 12am until 7pm.










There are dozens of Harry Potter film locations around London. One being the Millennium Bridge which was used in the opening scene for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and is destroyed by death eaters. It is also nearby to St Pauls Church which was also used for filming interior Hogwart’s winding staircase shots.

The beautiful interiors of Gringotts Bank was filmed in the interior of the Australian High Commission building. Though not open to the public, with a discreet peep through the doors you may catch a glance!

And lastly, Leadenhall Market which was chosen for filming the exterior shots of Diagon Alley and is one of London’s oldest Victorian covered markets. Look out for Bull’s Head Passage where you can find an Opticians that was used as the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron!


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