Bristol Series: Old Market, Redfield & St George

Catching the bus* we head slightly out of the centre to Old Market which has had something of a revival over the past couple of years. More and more places are popping up every week, and it is a thriving area to explore. There is a growing collection of cafes, bars and shops and so we begin at 25A.



25A is a lovely café with deli shelves piled high with local produce such as craft beers and coffee. The interiors are beautiful, with an impressive copper sheet wall and leafy features.



Further up the street you will find Glitch. If you are as much as a planty fan as I, you wont miss it! With windows adorned with huge palms, towering bird of paradise and impressive monsteras – I had to take a look inside!


Glitch is a multi-functional space, housing a hair salon, music venue, art gallery, plant shop and kitchen. The hair salon is fabulous, for someone who very very rarely has their hair cut – I wanted to book myself in then and there just to sit under the canopy of plants!



Glitch also used to house a nail salon, which has moved into its own premises now and though I haven’t yet been, i’m a big fan of the decor!


Glitch gets it’s plants from a plant shop up the road, Old Market Plants, which is equally as marvellous. Stocking a large array of indoor plants to suit every budget and every type of space. I recently picked up a large banana leaf plant and it stands proudly in our living room. Old Market Plants also offers courses and interior plantscaping.





There is also a good selection of vintage shops along the main stretch in Old Market to find some hidden gems!


Carrying on up the road you will eventually come to Church Road. Again, another thriving area with independent shops and cafes opening up.


The Bristol Loaf  is a gorgeous cafe with my sort of interiors, Devil’s Ivy trailing from the ceiling and my favourite metro tiles. I have been here a few times when I am Bristol-bound!







I am yet to visit The Lock Up, but this stylish bar and restaurant has definitely caught my eye and is on my list to visit.

The Red Flower Barrow is next door which always has a great selection of plants outside for really good value.


Across the road is Grounded Redfield, a lovely cosy cafe bar with a garden so perfect for sunny days to grab a drink.


Further up the road you will come to St Georges Park. A bit of a community hub and somewhere to sit and relax. There is a wonderful community garden and an impressive walk way through a canopy of trees. I look forward to visiting this area in the autumn when the paths will be lined with those autumnal colours.


Heading out of the park and walking along Cloud’s Hill Road, there is something of a hidden gem – The Orchard Cafe. This cosy community cafe is a lovely space to enjoy a coffee or some lunch.


Troopers Hill is a nearby oasis within the city, a local nature reserve recognisable for its crooked chimney that sits on the old quarry hill. It feels like you are so far away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, but with fantastic views across Bristol.



I am looking forward to exploring this area further, and also the nearby area of Easton but for now that’s all folks for the Bristol Series, I hope you enjoyed!


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