Renovation: Dining Room

We pretty much threw ourselves into doing up the dining room alongside the living room. We stripped the many many layers of wallpaper, almost hearing the walls sigh with relief at being able to breathe again! We were faced with more crumbling plaster, but just on the one wall which we actually decided to expose the bricks on.


We have an original outdoor window indoors looking into the kitchen which is one of my favourite features in our house, and pretty much one of the first things I did was paint this duck egg. I was warned I would have to probably paint it again and again since we were nowhere near the decorating stage at this point, but priorities eh!


We also re-wired this room, installing spot lights so we could have a bright lit room since there is no natural light coming into this middle room. As the spot lighting is so bright, we also decided to have an alternative dimmer light so that we could take the room from day to night with some mood lighting. We went with copper spot lighting since we love all things gold and copper! And found a beautiful dangling light fitting from Marks and Spencers which everyone is always surprised about as it has a very antique feel about it.


We moved around the plugs, taking time to visualise where we would need them in the future.2C3EDE25-EE6F-4D6F-B926-14FE1BA26BEB

The fireplace was covered with wood panelling which we pulled off revealing an old gas fire and a wonderful lintel. We got rid of the gas fire, but wanted to keep the exposed brick and lintel.

Taking out the old gas fire was an extremely messy job, the room was black with soot! Clearing the majority of the soot, we fitted a piece of wood with ventilation to block off the chimney and avoid anymore soot from coming into the room. We had to add a few bricks for further support to the sides of the chimney where the brick had broken off. I then cleaned the back of the fireplace, exposed brick and lintel with a strong brick acid which smelt just delightful…!







Once the walls were stripped and plasterboarded, we again got in touch with our plasterer and the walls were beautifully smooth before we knew it. Again, I impatiently waited for them to dry and then it was back to mist coating and a couple of layers of white paint.



We also plastered the sides of the fireplace, leaving the back and lintel exposed. We replaced the hearth with dark grey tiles that look slate-like. I am so pleased with how the fireplace turned out, adding such character and cosiness to the room. We have filled this space with candles and a beautiful antique screen – when lit it almost feels like we have a fire roaring in the background.

6266892B-545B-4BF4-B6DE-BCCAD21F49F0cathys 082







We luckily had engineered wood flooring already in this room, but not realising at the time how expensive it is to replace, we didn’t worry too much about dropping bricks and plaster and wallpaper onto it, much to my mum’s horror (who needs a mention as chief tidier!). In hindsight we should have covered the floor but shows how sustainable it is!

Soon enough we were ready for our favourite part, filling the room with our artwork, furniture and belongings!

All the furniture in this room has been sourced from charity shops, antique markets and finds through ebay. Our sideboard displays our record player, and next to the unit stands a piece made by ourselves to hold all our records.



Our artwork is all botanical themed in this room due to us not being able to house any plants with the lack of light but we are still able to get our leafy fill through prints and displayed pressed flowers and leaves in clear glass frames.


From the Dining Room we step through into the Kitchen which was actually the last (and most challenging) room to be renovated.


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