Renovation: Kitchen

The kitchen I would say has gone through the most change of all the rooms. It looks like a completely different space to the one we first moved into. It was also one of the last projects, and one we still need to do a few bits on, such as the skirting. Our kitchen was an L shape with a utility room at the back, which we decided to join up as one larger kitchen. We did this in stages, so that we always had an area to cook (sensible advice parents!).

cathys 075


Starting in the section as you walk in from the dining room, we began by stripping the numerous layers of wallpaper on the left side, revealing some rather awesome colours and patterns! We took down the cabinets and began our transformation.

cathys 076








We swapped the rather yellow lighting to bright copper spot lights to make the dark space feel well lit.

We unfortunately had some lovely spiky artex on the walls, but our wonderful Plasterer, Dan, worked his magic and had our walls smooth as anything before we knew it.


After the plaster had dried in the first section, we painted it white and began working on our kitchen units. We didn’t want a typical fitted kitchen, instead opting to build it ourselves for our own needs and taste.

We bought a standard kitchen cabinet unit from B+Q and then my other half’s dad made the cabinet doors from our old garden shed that we decided to demolish. We tiled a section of the wall for a splashback in metro tiles and have a few mexican tiles displayed by the sink too. We went for a black sink as I find they don’t seem to get as grimy, and then sourced the internet for gold fittings for the taps which my dad plumbed in. We fit wood that we then varnished and sealed for our kitchen surfaces.


We kept the oven as I loved the old style of it.  To the left of the oven are more surfaces, but this time fit to galvanised steel piping we ordered from the internet. We keep our pans in the cupboard I have sprayed with this beautiful teal green colour.

Our shelving is a mix of scaffold planks and salvaged wood, which hold Kilner jars storing rice, pasta, nuts, seeds etc. We display a mix of practical and not so practical items in our kitchen, and there is a place for everything. We have various old tins storing stock cubes and have used an old crate box to hold oils, vinegar etc. We also made a spice rack from left over wood we had.





We attached some hooks to the shelves to hang utensils and have some pans hanging from meat hooks on a reclaimed wooden ladder.

It wouldn’t feel like our kitchen without some artwork, so we added a gallery wall above the sink which I love to look at when washing the dishes!

Moving onto the other side of the kitchen, which needed a lot more work done to it!


We removed the door leading to the utility room and knocked down a stud wall which had the old sink attached (I managed to get a nail stuck in my thigh within this process – health and safety people!) so that the kitchen could be accessed all the way around, with the kitchen ‘hatch’ area in the middle.


My dad sorted our plumbing and electrics this side, connecting the white goods and new lighting, including wiring a japanese lantern that we got from our trip there which glows in the evening.


Some parts of the kitchen had exposed painted brick, but in a slight magnolia colour so we painted this white and kept the feature of the brick which covers one side and around the indoor window.



We knocked off the old plaster on the far wall ready for plasterboarding and eventually plastering by Dan.












Dan also transformed our middle ‘hatch’, maintaining the side which has a beautiful brick arch.











The utility area didn’t have any flooring or insulation, so it was a lot colder when stepping into that section. We added insulation when plasterboarding the ceiling, though managed to expose the nice wooden beam which we uncovered when pulling down the old ceiling.cathys 074


Wanting to let more light in, but not having the budget to replace our back doors, we knocked out the wood and plaster surrounding the doors and installed a new wooden frame which was made so that we could have windows surrounding the door, thus letting in more light. We ordered the glass locally and fitted it. It makes a huge difference, letting in so much more light and allowing us to see up into the garden.

Once the walls were plastered, misted and painted we could start on the floor. Having exposed wooden flooring in one section of the kitchen near the indoor window, we decided to sand and varnish and keep them exposed whereas the rest of the kitchen was re-tiled with a light grey tile.














The old utility room floor was just concrete (complete with an imprint of some cat paw prints!), so this was screed and then levelled out and tiled with the rest of the kitchen.

We wanted this area to hold our white goods but didn’t want them particularly on display (except our beautiful powder blue fridge), so have them in a unit though we are yet to fit the cabinet doors, which will be similar to that of the cupboard doors in the other side of the kitchen. We added another surface here, which has developed into a bit of a ‘tea station’.









We have an old meat safe sourced from a local shop that we store our plates and bowls in, and another salvaged wood shelf that displays our tea, coffee, and some prints and plants.


As our two cats (Zen and Toffle) are indoor cats, we have two litter trays for them which we wanted to try to make a bit nicer so have made a wooden structure around the trays. We also bought them a wooden serving tray to eat from and bowls with their names on. Yes, they are a tad spoilt!



In the section with the wooden flooring we decided to make a tranquil corner, where we can sit with a cuppa. We sourced an old dresser which then got a spruce up by my other half’s dad with chicken wire and edging, here we keep our glasses, mugs, cutlery, and large dishes.

We have added a family of plants in this corner, as well as an Alibaba washing basket and wicker chair and table. Our lantern glows above, and we have artwork we have collected from previous travels.

This is one of my favourite corners of the house, and is also a favourite with the cats!





















And finally, a recent purchase is this metal grid that I bought for £2.00 from a local market and have used as a notice board, displaying pictures and memories on there – I’m sure it wont be long until its full up!!

We do have a downstairs toilet by the back door which is yet to be finished, so until then – we are heading upstairs to the next level!





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