Finding beauty in the everyday

As I play around with photography more and more, I have started to see things around me in a new light. I try to find an angle or composition that you wouldn’t normally take notice of. There is beauty all around us, all of the time, we just need to discover it.




Beauty lies in the humble, the decayed and neglected, the mundane, the ordinary, the ‘ugly’. I find myself drawn to imperfection, finding it more compelling, more interesting and comforting. The more beauty we find in the everyday, the more joy, meaning and purpose we can feel. I want to be able to make people pause and linger over my photographs, at the beauty of something so ordinary as a rusting metal fence or a misty window.







I’m not always travelling to exotic places (I wish!), but I always have my camera on me knowing that I can find plenty of inspiration on my doorstep.

There are some great photographers that really make me pause at their photographs and I admire how they capture moments that many of us would just pass by. I get very inspired via their instagram accounts; I follow Haarkon, who capture nature and light incredibly, Sixstreetunder who captures beautifully the day-to-day grind, and a local photographer who captures my local area so wonderfully in monochrome.

I hope this post inspires you to take a walk nearby. Try and stretch your mind to what could make for an interesting photograph. Rust, peeling plaster, a certain texture, moss growing from decayed buildings, a silhouette, a window reflection, a shadow – open your eyes to what is around you, the things that make you pause and try and discover beauty in the unexpected.


These photographs are taken within a short walk from my home, and so I hope they inspire you to find the beauty on your doorstep, living our ordinary lives.

10801287392_IMG_4376 210801277680_IMG_4407




10801260960_IMG_4385 2










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