Christmas Crafting: DIY Wreath

This year Christmas has to be on a budget, but I find myself actually having more fun crafting as opposed to buying. All my loved ones are receiving homemade gifts, and I am really enjoying spending the time making something for them that I think they will like and enjoy. No hustle and bustle or endless online scrolling for the perfect gift.

I was going to do a bit of a DIY gift guide, but since everyone who is receiving my gifts read my blog I don’t want to spoil the surprises!

Instead I thought I would share how I make my home festive, and DIY crafts you can make.

I am starting with how to make a wreath. My other half’s mum kindly took me to a floristry demonstration last christmas as I adore flowers, and within the demonstration we were shown how to make a wreath, and it is something I am always going to make myself now as opposed to purchasing.

So we begin with the following items:

  • Straw wreath making base
  • Floristry binding wire
  • Scissors / knife
  • Some twine or string
  • Your choice of festive foliage


Take your base, and hold some foliage against it with one hand, and wrap your binding wire tightly around the foliage and base with your other hand, to hold the greenery in place. You don’t need too much wire – I normally wrap it a couple of times around and then pick up your next piece of foliage to start building your wreath. I have gone for a simple wreath of blue spruce and eucalyptus (I picked up seasonal foliage from Lidyl for a bargain of £2.49 this year, and I have a eucalyptus tree in my garden so just snipped some pieces off there – but this can be bought at most florists).



As you can see from the photos, I am just building the foliage around the base, making sure any gaps are covered. Keep binding your wire tightly around as you go.



This is the back of my base, you can see my binding wire here. Once I have gone all the way around, snip the wire and tuck into the back. I then just check whether there is any gaps I need to fill, adding bits here and there. You can tuck them into the existing wire or simply use the wire again, it just disappears into the foliage so really great wire to use.




Voila! Now we want to add our twine or string so that it can be hung. Because I am macramé mad, I did some macramé knotting but you can simply just tie the twine around to create a loop to hang your wreath.




And here is my wreath hanging proudly on our front door! I hope this inspired you to get crafty this Christmas!






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