Renovation: Bedroom

We were lucky to have upstairs completly livable when moving in, so this is where we stored all of our belongings when we moved in and the mess was unravelling downstairs!

We just wanted to update upstairs to our taste, which slowly developed really whilst the major renovating was taking place below.

The room was painted in an off white colour, but we decided to give this room a fresh coat with some white paint. We get so much light into this room, so feels so lovely and bright in the daytime.

Once painted, we started adding artwork to the wall.



We replaced the windowsill to dark wood, and below is where the cats tend to sleep on the blanket underneath the window when they aren’t eyeing up birds flying past!


We are going to replace our TV stand as this is an Ikea purchase when we had our first rented flat and doesn’t quite fit anymore with the other reclaimed furniture we own but think we may make something ourselves in the future.

We have a chest which we got from a reclamation yard in Bristol which stores DVDs, and my wardrobe is a purchase from a local antique shop. My dad had to take it apart and put back together to get it up our stairs. He will forever be my hero, it was touch and go as to whether I would be able to keep this beauty!



Every furniture surface we adorn in plants, of course!

We lived for a very long time sleeping on a mattress on the floor whilst Dave’s dad made the bed of our dreams! He carved into the wood to give it an antique look, and used our old shed door as the headboard. I love collecting cushions and am not precious over things matching, I remember where I got each one – some local – some from Thailand and one lovingly crocheted by my friend Michelle.




This room had a fairly new carpet but ever the fan of bare floorboards and home alone one day and itching to do some DIY, I decided to peek beneath the carpet. The floorboards looked beautiful, so I kept pulling until I had eventually pulled the entire carpet up in the bedroom, cutting it into sections to get it downstairs to my car. Using an electric sander and a quick pit stop to Wilkos for varnish, I was very proud of my transformation!


My mirror used to be my parents and I adopted it when my love for wicker developed and I have had this dream catcher for years.


I find creating the perfect bedtime space very important to relax at night, paticularly from dealing with insomnia this year. I like to have a bit of a routine and my calming corner helps. My bedside table is from Homesense and I just adore it. I have a mirrored tray from Oliver Bonas which has various lotions and potions which I use nightly, some lavender and chamomile pillow spray and some lovely nourishing books to read before (hopefully) dropping off.

I have one of my favourite pictures of me and my mum next to me in a hanging frame and Totoro watching down on me next to a beautiful print by my friend Holly.


We have various different light fittings for more muted lighting, but we are yet to still find the perfect main light so instead just have the bulb hanging down currently!

We have painted our doors in a beautiful dark green colour which ties all the rooms together upstairs and in the hallway.


From one tranquil space to another, the dressing room / yoga room!

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