Renovation: Dressing Room / Yoga Room

As with the bedroom, our spare room was good to go in terms of moving into it. But we wanted to fully change the room, to create more of a dressing room space and when I developed my passion for Yoga this year, it is also became my dedicated room to practice in. We have played around with the decor in this room a few times, but it is now exactly what I have invisioned.

cathys 161.jpg



We haven’t had to do too much to this room. We freshened up the walls with white paint, as again they were more of an off white colour and we added some pieces of artwork to the wall before deciding to change it further.

We found this fabulous banana leaf wallpaper, and with the surrounding large number of plants – it really is a little bit of an indoor jungle!

One late night weekday evening, we decided to strip the carpet after again, peering at the beautiful floorboards that were hidden beneath. We stripped, sanded and varnished and I’m so pleased with the result. We did toy with the idea of a rug for a while before keeping the floor bare as I was always moving the rug to practise Yoga and think looks better with just the bare floor.

The cupboard and wardrobe were kindly given to me from a friend’s relative who was in the process of a house clearance. I love the style of them and give the room an old dressing room feel next to my gold standing mirror (an Ebay find).





My dressing table is from a local antique shop, and it is where I tend to write from daily, with views of the garden it feels a very peaceful spot to be. I have my beloved jewelery collection displayed in glass boxes alongside some lovely candles and a gorgeous print by my friend Natalie (Pencil Pusher). Above we put a shelf up with some books and a Diagon Alley print wrapped in Devils Ivy. I love that it looks like an old vintge map and then you realise its Diagon Alley!


My little table (which was my late Granny’s) is full of cacti and plants and to the side is a Harry Potter wooden box storing incense and my Yogi-bare yoga mat. I feel like this room really brings together my two loves from this year, Gardening and Yoga, which really helped me through a challenging time.


On the cupboard I have a collection of special photographs that mean a lot to me and fill me with positivity, from heart-warming memories to beautiful old photographs of my relatives and a gorgeous sketch by my friend Omi which she drew on a girly weekend and takes me straight back to that gorgeous evening with the girls.



On the other side we decided to leave it as a blank white wall and just decorate with leafy greens. This amazing macrame was (sadly) not made by myself, but purchased from a shop in Ibiza. The wicker shelving unit was picked up by my mum at our local antique market after I had been searching high and low for something like it.

I also recently won this gorgeous chair at a local auction which really adds to the aesthetic of the room.


This room always makes me feel so zen, looking out to our garden and is the perfect spot for yoga, writing and getting ready for the day.

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