Propagating Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) is one of my all time favourite plants. It is so easy to grow, and creates such a gorgeous addition to any room with its trailing vines. I have a number of Devil’s Ivy around the house, and have started to propagate them. I thought I would write a post on how to do this as it is so easy. Devil’s Ivy is a good plant to begin propagating with if your new to the process!


1. Select a glass jar (or vase/bottle)

I tend to go for clear ones so you can see the roots emerge.

2. Fill the jar with clean water

Tap water is usually fine!


3. Take your cutting from a healthy vine 

  1. Choose a healthy vine to cut from (avoid brown and yellow leaves)
  2. Cut below the node (the brown stub that grows opposite the leaf stem on the vine). Roots will form right below the node when placed in water.
  3. Remove all the leaves below the node


4. Add your cutting

Place your cutting in your glass jar, making sure that the cut ends are covered with water. Within a few weeks you will begin to see white roots forming on your cuttings.


5. Change the water every week and clean algae often

Water loses oxygen over time, and also algae can appear so I recommend cleaning the jar at least every week and changing the water. I normally use a cloth to scrub the algae off the glass and then rinse before putting your cutting back in.


6. Remove when roots are 2-3 inches long

I normally wait until they are around 2-3 inches long before potting the cutting into soil. Then just watch your Devil’s Ivy thrive!







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