Renovation: Bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom was the next room to have a complete and utter makeover.

The bathroom was perfectly usable but not to our taste and we also wanted to install a shower and a number of new fittings as well as some new decor.DE7290C7-8134-4190-B0B0-78778890E935

We began by taking off the tiles and the crumbling plaster and started from scratch. We disconnected the electrics to rewire them and put in spot lighting. We also moved the positioning of the toilet, sink and bath to fit better with the space and what we needed.



10743226960_IMG_2810For a little while we lived with an extension lead going into the bathroom from the dressing room, with the standard floor lamp plugged in for lighting and had to wash in the bath with bits of dust and plaster falling in. It wasn’t ideal but was amusing all the same!

cathys 062


We have kept the flooring the same as the laminate is nice enough and for now it would be an unecessary expense to pull it up.

cathys 061

cathys 169




We were lucky enough to inherit the clawfoot bathtub with the house, but we did decide to spray the feet gold and replace the taps to gold to match with the rest of our fittings.

The sink is our pride and joy. We sourced the Moroccan sink online, then made the wooden unit to hold it and made legs from copper piping. We then found gold taps and made sure the unit was sealed and varnished with plenty of yacht varnish to withstand any water drops.

cathys 009




My dad made our corner shower unit, buying what we needed from various DIY stores and raising the floor. We chose gold taps and shower head to finish it off.



After plaster boarding and plastering, we chose white metro tiles with dark grey grout for the majority of the bathroom walls, and Moroccan style tiles for the shower area.

Me and my other half were actually in Japan throughout the major renovation of this room, we booked in the tiler and then my Dad did the plumbing whilst we didn’t need to use the bathroom. It was great as we left the room with bare bricks and crumbling plaster and dusty baths, and came back to a wonderful fresh bathroom on our return!!

cathys 170


The boiler is in the corner of the bathroom, we placed a trailing devil’s ivy plant on top for now but will build around it eventually.



Our bathroom is full of plants and is my little sanctuary.

We have a downstairs toilet and workshop space that are currently in the throes of renovation, which I will do an upate of when complete.

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