Book Club : A Round-up of some recent favourites

I love reading, it’s a huge passion of mine and I can always be found curled up in a corner for hours reading. I have always made time for it, and see it as an important part of my week.

I wanted to share a few books that I have been inspired by, enjoyed and relished over the past 6 months or so.



The first, was a fictional read and possibly one of the best books I have ever read; Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. Where to begin? It is an incredibly moving and enlightening read, which I have since recommended to anyone and everyone. It follows Eleanor, a complex and quirky character, who lives a simple and sheltered life, set aside from society but finds herself having to navigate through a world that seems easy to everyone around her. You grow with Eleanor, to a point where she might “have a life, not just an existence”.


This book is just exceptional and one you won’t be able to put down. I laughed and cried with Eleanor and felt the impact of her world jump from the pages.

The next is Rebel Voices by Eve Lloyd Knight and Louise Kay Stewart, which navigates you through inspiring stories of wonderful women who fought to get the vote. With incredible illustrations, and stories country to country that I couldn’t believe I didn’t know already but thankful I do now.


A book I received from my brother for Christmas was Diary of a Tokyo Teen written and illustrated by Christine Mari Inzer. This follows 15-year-old Christine as she illustrates her way through a trip to Japan to see family and get re-aquainted with her birthplace. I pretty much devoured this book, and loved seeing Tokyo from the eyes of a teenager finding herself and her roots. Another book by the same publisher is Tokyo on Foot, which I read a while back but highly recommend if you enjoy this book, it is another illustrated journey but this time following Florent Chavouet, a young graphic artist spending 6 months exploring Tokyo.


Be More Cat by Alison Davies was a gift from my parents, and amused me greatly (I am very much a self-confessed cat lady),and also inspired me greatly. It teaches you to learn from your feline friends, and find your ‘inner cattitude’. It is packed with great tips for mediation, relaxation, and generally how to ‘be more cat!’.


Another read for inspiring your day-to-day is Eat Pretty Every Day by Jolene Hart. It offers a year’s worth of inspiring and nourishing guidance season by season, with day by day tips and recommendations and is the perfect way to begin Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Glasshouse Greenhouse written by India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson of Haarkon is a book I had been so excited to read after following their Greenhouse hunter journey via Instagram and blog, and it did not disappoint! I am eager to set some journeys in motion to visit the places included in the book, and with personal and real accounts of their trips – it is a lovely read and a beautiful book for your coffee table!


Japonisme by Erin Niimi Longhurst is another book I completely devoured (which is no surprise since it is all things Japanese!!). Japonisme explores Japanese concepts, and offers tips and guidance to living a ‘happier, healthier and more thoughtful life’. I adored this book, and look forward to putting into practice Erin’s tips and incorporating them into my everyday.


I am taking part this week in ‘Wellness Week’ through a nearby Yoga Studio and was kindly gifted a ‘goody bag’, which contained my next book, How to Relax by Laura Milne. Having only owned it for a day and not yet finished, I still wanted to include it as I have already started absorbing the wonderful techniques and calming statements inside and look forward to some quiet time to continue this inspiring read and admire the illustrations.



‘The Happiness Passport’ by Megan C Hayes, and illustrated by Yelena Bryksenkova takes you on a journey of words and concepts around the world. This book came to my attention when an Instagram friend, Rachel (who is an incredible illustrator FYI!), tagged me into a post as one of the words mentioned is ‘Yūgen’ which naturally meant I needed this book in my life ASAP. It is such a wholesome read, and finds the happiness in every aspect of life and opens up the world for us all the enjoy.



And last but certainly not least, A little book of hearts & inspirational quotes by Hazel McNab, which was a very thoughtful present from my parents. Last year was definitely not an easy year, and I became very inspired by quotes, collecting them on the notes section on my phone. I am always looking out for new inspiring words, and so this was the perfect gift – with 366 hearts and quotes to flick through when I most need it.


Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable and remove yourself from the unacceptable – Denis Waitley

I hope you enjoyed this book-spiration post, and I am going to hopefully do more book club type posts. Comment below if you have any booky recommendations!!


Fog On Her Glasses

Fog on her glasses
From the still steaming tea
A book in her hand
As she casually reads.
A catch in her breath
As the climax grows near
She’s deaf to the world:
The book’s all she can hear.
She’s completely lost now,
Or perhaps she is found
In this strange paper world
That’s far from the ground.


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