Creating a Home Yoga Sanctuary

The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, and in particular, easily at home. This is how I began my yoga journey, teaching myself the basic poses, and finding pockets of time in the morning/evening to practice in the comfort of my own little space. I am now attending classes at the wonderful Love and Light Shala, but self-taught myself for a year in my own little sanctuary. I loved that I could wake up, stumble down the hallway half asleep, and flop onto my yoga mat and begin sun salutation in the coziness of my PJs. It became, and has continued to be, my morning ritual.

Since I was returning to the same spot in the spare room every day, it quickly became known as my ‘yoga room’ and the decor followed. Having this lovely space made me want to practice more and more, and I also found myself sitting in there to write, to be creative. It well and truly became my little ‘zen den’. It helped my mind focus, to switch off.

I was complimented recently on my yoga room following an Instagram post, and it got me thinking how much my space helps my practice. I think it is important to have that dedicated space that feels inspiring. Yoga feels more than a workout to me, it feels almost like an experience and is an incredibly important part to my day, and my space reflects that.


I thought I would share how to create that same bliss that I have found through creating my home yoga sanctuary.

So first of all, find an area/room in your home that is distraction free (well, almost free – I always have a roaming cat coming to say hello!) and clutter free (you don’t want to be thinking half way through your relaxing session of all the other things you need to do!). And also, if possible – a space that has a blank wall in which you can practice against if trying inversions such as headstands.

In terms of equipment, basically, all you need is yourself and a mat (my beloved mat is from Yogi Bare). Especially when starting out, but if you wanted some extras to further your practice I recommend…

  • A strap can aid you in becoming more flexible and makes those advanced poses more accessible.
  • A set of blocks can help you in so many postures, helping you feel grounded, balanced and relaxed.
  • A cushion of some kind, I am yet to purchase a bolster but it is high on my list since I find them amazing for Shavasana, but they can also be used for supporting your lower back and going deeper into postures.10756660112_img_8012

And to create that ‘zen’ ambiance…

  • Plants, plants, and more plants. You probably know by now, I love my greenery and my yoga room especially is a little plant haven. I find plants so calming and are the perfect start to your zen space. I even went as far as palm wallpaper… but whatever takes your fancy!
  • A good relaxing playlist gets me mentally into my yogi place within seconds.
  • Natural palette. I have white walls (and that paper!), string Macramé (I sell mine here), wicker bags to store my props in, and a mis-match of wooden furniture and bare wooden flooring. The muted colours, recycled furniture and eco products make me feel I am nurturing both the environment and myself.
  • Incense. I love burning incense and taking in the scent really sets the mood for me when I practice.
  • Candles of all shapes and sizes.
  • This is an idea that I got from a recent yoga class at The Shala, a collection of oils and sprays to apply to your skin or smell at the beginning of your practice to elevate tranquility. I find it improves my mood and focus. I have some lavender essential oil and pillow spray which I am using before I build up my collection!10756341456_img_8018
  • I personally love my crystals, making my space feel more earthy and spiritual and helps me set my intentions for my practice. I also was gifted a beautiful buddha from my friend Michelle who is one of the most beautiful souls I know and treasure it dearly.


10777648064_img_8030 2






In terms of practice, I use Boho Beautiful’s wonderful YouTube tutorials, Juliana is a great teacher and has taught me so much. They are great tutorials to fit into your day, as they offer ones around the 15 minute mark. Sun salutations are a great way to begin your practice, warming up your body and getting you ready for your home session. I also use Charlie’s great Instagram tutorials to further my practice on certain challenges such as the splits. She teaches at my local yoga studio and her Instagram is awe-inspiring!

I love my space, and find myself journalling, being creative, or just enjoying a steaming herbal tea in my space. It has really helped my anxiety to have a corner of the house that feels like my safe space.

I hope this helps anyone wanting some motivation to practice at home, or wants to just create a calming corner for wellbeing and relaxation!


10800257264_img_7790 2




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