Weekly Scrapbook #2

Welcome to another weekly scrapbook… and this time I come to you from my sick bed sofa. It’s been a really good week, despite this insistent cold that doesn’t seem to want to escape me.



I had been asked by the lovely Gabbi at Love and Light Shala Studio to take some photographs for them which I jumped at the chance, and so have been attending various classes and snapping away. It is such a nice feeling to know that someone believes in you, Gabbi’s encouragement and general kindness has been such a boost, and generally the wonderful community of Yogi’s at the Shala has been a huge positive in my life.






I saw my practice really further this week, and even managed a Pincha with the help of a yogi friend at the Shala, but did sadly have a bit of ‘mat burn’ on my elbows following it !! I also tried ‘Acroyoga’ which was so much fun, and started my first ‘yoga challenge’ via Instagram #WeaktoWarriorAsanas, which focused on the ‘weaker’ sides, or the poses we avoid – check out my instagram to have a peek at how I got on !








I visited the lovely Glost House with mum and had the yummiest Quesadilla. Anywhere with exposed brick and industrial lighting is a winner with me!


I went to my CBT session which was really positive – I feel I have come such a long way and really feel I am able to apply what I have learnt. I am writing an update this week on my anxiety journey, and hopefully you will be encouraged if you suffer yourself from anxiety that though there isn’t necessarily ‘an end of the tunnel’, light definitely filters in and guides you through.


I gave myself a guilt free day on Friday, to get myself back to fighting fit, and so spent the entire day watching films (Bohemian Rhapsody… oh my goodness!!) , crafting, cuddling my cats and eating cake. When we need rest, we need to listen to our bodies and give it what it needs. This isn’t laziness, or selfishness, its self-care and something that we need to embrace and enjoy. Though I got through numerous packs of tissues, I felt my body really appreciated the break. I still did a little bit of sneaky yoga of course… pjs and all!





I recieved a last minute message saturday from a Yoga friend asking me to photograph her band that night, which was so much fun and the band (Julia Moseley Band) were just mesmerising!!




I finished the week with a 7.30am 2 hour Mysore Class on a Sunday (7.30AM… SUNDAY?!) which was wonderful to have a self practice with the help to guide us into asanas and further our poses.



I hope you have all had a lovely week, and feeling healthier than I do right now *reaches for another tissue and pumps the room full of Olbas Oil*.

I leave you with a lovely positive message which was on a card my parents gave me this week ‘Do what makes your heart smile’. 





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