Weekly Scrapbook #3

Well that week flew by, is it really Sunday already?!

It began helping out at my friend’s workshop, she restores vintage and industrial style furniture (and is the queen of gorgeous Formica tables and Tea Chests!). Check out her shop here, she has a wonderful eye for pieces and I love seeing them come back to life.




I then, of course, was back at my second home of The Shala for an Ashtanga Awareness class which was surrounding ‘contentment’. I was feeling a little blue before the class, but came out feeling nourished and zen. Later in the week I also went to Ashtanga Mysore (a 6.30am class in which you self practice whilst being guided by the teacher – I love applying what I’ve learnt to my home practice), Powerflow with Charlie (my ultimate yoga inspiration!), and Chill with Qigong, a holistic practice coordinating body movements, breathing and meditation.  I continued to photograph these classes which I am really enjoying.





I also did a photo shoot for the lovely Charlotte Bettson who will be bringing out a music single soon which I am excited to hear!

We also welcomed ‘The Snow’, it arrived and I enjoyed a lovely picturesque snow day and cuddles with my cats!







I had a little ‘spruce up’ this week, by being a model for a Henna Brow treatment at Bellissima. Jana is an absolute brow queen, its like watching an artist at work and I felt very spoilt to have a little treat!

Speaking of sprucing up, my camera got a little bit of TLC this week after being in the wars lately and having to be taped up with masking tape (that’s called overuse!) and so took it to the lovely gentleman at H.Lehmann who got it back to its former self in no time!



Friday was a day full of creativity with a trip to the Creative Craft Show in Manchester and managed to stumble upon the perfect macramé rope which I indulged in – keep posted on Instagram @thefringeshopcrafts for some new pieces soon! I also did a workshop with Cocoon & me, making a blanket using our arms as knitting needles!



I was back at The Shala that evening to photograph (and enjoy) Crystal Bowls and Chai Tea . We cosied up in our Pjs, loungewear, hot water bottles, yoga mats and blankets and enjoyed the sound bath of the bowls sinking us into meditation. It was lovely to see some of my fellow yogi’s and enjoy a cup of Chai tea before bed. Check out The Shala’s Facebook page for upcoming events if you live in the area.


The weekend it was all about friends, a little adventure to Manchester followed by the wonderful ‘Light Night’ event in Burslem in the evening.







I love that Stoke-on-Trent’s buildings are being celebrated; they have so many stories, corners to uncover and nooks to discover. Light Night let us see S-O-T glisten and glow, illuminating Burslem and opening our eyes to the history of the city.


Until next week…


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