Weekly Scrapbook #6

Last week began in Hanley finally getting my phone fixed whilst I caught up with a yogi-friend for a coffee in Rawr, before a day practising my beloved yoga. I even managed scorpian pose (albiet against a wall!), and shot some photos for two yoga challenges I was doing on Instagram.






Part of the week was a bit of a blur of anxiety, insomnia and tiredness. I wrote this post, which helped me make peace with some of my anxieties – writing gives me so much peace and makes me feel back in control of my body.

I  was asked to photograph a moon circle event at The Shala, of which I was very grateful to have been asked as I found real solace being surrounded and supported by a wonderful group of women.



I attended a 2 hour Acroyoga class this week which was so much fun, safe to say I am more of a flyer than a base!


By Thursday I felt I needed some time out, after a busy time I wanted to have a cleanse and so I cleaned the house. And oh how I cleaned!! Does anyone else feel so much better after sorting through every nook and cranny of their home. I pulled out everything out the cupboard, touched up with paint, rearranged and generally had my abode sparkling! It was exactly what I needed after a few days of anxiety controlling every corner of my mind.

This week made me really see what support network I had surrounding me, and especially the woman in my life – some I have only known a short time, but really get me and I feel so inspired and full of life after spending time with them. From a night with my yoga-tribe, trawling the local markets and a countryside walk with other friends, to an art swop with a friend made through Instagram – my anxieties feel well and truly left behind.













At the moon circle, Kirsty, one of the wonderful teachers at The Shala, guided us through a meditation and encouraged us to visualise a staircase. As we climbed the steps in our mind, we were to leave our inner anxieties and problems on each step as we continued upwards. I loved this analogy and have taken this with me throughout the week, leaving the harder days on the step below me.


And I finished the week with a day of yoga outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, squinting at the sunlight, listening to the birds and found myself improving my practice – must have been all that Vitamin D!





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