Weekly Scrapbook #7

So I haven’t written for a while. I guess I have been busy with life in general – lots of new things and just generally been feeling good. Life has been full of Yoga, Macramé, starting a new job and connecting with so many wonderful friends I have made through Yoga at Love and Light Shala Studio, and new journeys in my life. But of course I have always had my camera nearby snapping what I have been up to. So here is my weekly scrapbook… though pans across a couple or so weeks this time!











Work has been going really well, its somewhere for the first time in ages I feel I can be myself. For so long in so many different jobs I’ve felt I have had to adjust to my surroundings and the people. In my current job, I am me and it feels lovely to be accepted as myself.


I have been practising yoga recently with a few friends and it’s been so lovely to hang out whilst doing the thing I love the most and getting inspired. I love a quote a friend said the other day ‘Collaboration over Competition’.


I get so inspired from friends doing similar things to me, competition doesn’t come into it in the slightest – just motivation and inspiration and feeling like we can tackle the world. The last 2 weeks I have worked with my gorgeous friend Natalie who runs her own vintage furniture business, synchronized flowing with Charlie who is an absolute yoga queen, knotted with Katie who is THE macramé queen and is awe inspiring to me (The Sacred Knot) and yoga posed with Sophie whilst coming up with future ideas and discussed our similar journeys we are about to embark on! (follow her journey here).







I discovered a new favourite café, Wild and Wild in Congleton, which is just incredible. The décor, the food, the drink, the Ibiza chilled vibes! Me and my mum could have stayed there for hours! They also do yoga and various workshops. The macramé is made by Katie as mentioned above and is just in the most perfect setting to be admired.






I have however had some wobbles, and felt quite tired and overwhelmed with the plans I make. When I feel strong and ready to take on the world, I try and literally take on the world. I try and remember little by little and its OK to say no and have some time out when needed. And from resting new things can come, I was playing around with my macrame as its a form of mindfulness to me and discovered new patterns which have been really popular. I have also started a sort of doodling journal which has been so much fun and something very calming when I just need to ground myself and focus on my wellbeing.



I won’t leave my next post for so long, I’m sorry I have been absent but I am back with some new blog post ideas and photos to come!


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