Finding your path

As I turn 30, I reflect back on my 20s. A decade of highs and lows, mistakes made and lessons learnt. A huge lesson was in terms of career, and finding my path.


I spent the majority in office work, mainly Medical Secretary with a very brief spell dipping into the legal secretary world. I had a well-established job, I was working my way up through the ‘ranks’ and I was earning a good wage. It was where I thought I should be. It was accepted, a nod of approval when those asked what I did.

Did it make me happy?

That’s the question. Kind of? Maybe ? some days? But isn’t that work – we aren’t MEANT to enjoy it. We aren’t meant to ask those questions. We are meant to plod on.

… plod on. That’s exactly what I was doing.

Until my body said ‘nope’ and threw an anxiety disorder at me to shake things up a little. A long stretch of unexpected unemployment due to a non-sympathetic gave me something I had never had; time. Time to mull things over.

I had a fresh start. A fresh slate.


And from then on things fell into my new path so organically… I fell for yoga head over heels. My macramé and photography was encouraged by a new support network of people, which made my skills flourish. I got over the questions that plague us when thinking of our career paths (namely; ‘does it look good on the CV’, ‘is this an appropriate job for my age’, ‘what will people think’, ‘does this mean I have gone backwards’).

I now am proud to say I have got my own path. A multi hyphenate one at that. I work as a barista and absolutely love it. I work for friends. I work for myself. I am about to embark on my Yoga Teacher Training in India. I have taught my own class, against all my anxieties. From what felt like impossible situation became possible and became a better one.


You can change your path at any point, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s… you may not find your journey until much later, you may have found it already. But ask yourself the question, does it make you happy. Because this life is too short not to enjoy what we do 90% of our time. It’s okay to trial and error, its ok to keep changing, chop and change until you feel you have landed and you want to stay.

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